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10 Cars That Get Great Gas Mileage | CarMax

These 10 cars are some of our most popular* vehicles, and they all get over 25 MPG. Whether you want to buy a car that's sporty and fun, practical and comfortable, or luxurious and full of options, there’s a high-MPG car for you. If fuel-efficiency is your priority consider a hybrid.

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When researching good gas mileage cars you can also do a gas mileage comparison. Read on to see how varied fuel efficient cars can be!


Chevrolet Cruze

#10 Chevrolet Cruze | CarMax

Engine Type: Gas

MPG: Up to 35 MPG mixed city/highway

Body Styles: Sedan

For those looking for a more tech-savvy, high-MPG car, the Chevy Cruze is a good choice. It’s a small sedan, but feels larger inside, and offers features usually only found on more expensive vehicles. Along with great MPG, newer years come standard with a WiFi hotspot and 7-inch touchscreen­­­ that’s compatible with both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. And, depending on the trim level, there’s 13.9-14.8 cubic feet of cargo room for strollers, luggage, or other essentials. The 1.4 liter, 4-cylinder, turbo-charged engine has enough kick to make it fun to drive. It does come standard with a manual transmission, but the upgraded automatic version is worth it to help maximize MPG.


Fiat 500

#9 Fiat 500 | CarMax

Engine Type: Gas, Electric

MPG: Up to 34 MPG mixed city/highway for gasoline, 112 MPG mixed city/highway for electric

Body Styles: 3-door hatchback, convertible

Looking for a distinctive commuter car? The stylish Fiat 500 will make you stand out no matter which trim you choose. Like the Mini, the Fiat 500 had been long gone from American shores before its return in 2012, and it’s been a popular choice ever since. While not as roomy as the Mini, the Fiat 500 offers plenty of space in the front seats for two adults. Anyone other than children may find the back cramped, and it has less trunk space than many of its rivals, but it compensates for lack of space with flair and gas mileage. The more powerful versions of the 500, like the Abarth, come with lower but still respectable MPG (up to 30 MPG mixed city/highway). And if you’re lucky enough to live in the Pacific Northwest (Read: California and Oregon), you may even have the option to purchase the 500e, an all-electric version that gets 112 MPGe and has a range of 80+ miles on one charge.


Toyota Camry

#8 Toyota Camry | CarMax

Engine Type: Gas, Hybrid

MPG: Up to 28MPG mixed city/highway for gasoline, up to 41 MPG for hybrid

Body Styles: Sedan

Like its sibling the Corolla, the Camry has a reputation as a solid, well-built car with good gas mileage and Toyota dependability. It’s a step up, though, when it comes to size, zip, and luxury. The Camry is a comfortable mid-size sedan, and is a great choice for commuters needing a bit more space. Available options include premium audio systems, blind spot monitoring, a V6 engine with extra power, and more. For those who want the best mileage in their car, the hybrid gets a solid 41 MPG, making commuting costs especially affordable.


Mini Cooper

#7 Mini Cooper | CarMax

Engine Type: Gas

MPG: Up to 31 MPG mixed city/highway

Body Styles: 2-door, 4-door hatchback, convertible

When the Mini reappeared on the automotive scene in 2002 after a decades-long hiatus, enthusiasts rejoiced. BMW brought the classic British car back with many improvements while still staying true to its roots. The unique, boxy shape means there’s more space than you’d expect for passengers and luggage, but the turbo and supercharged engines provide some pretty incredible gas mileage too. Add in almost legendary handling, and it’s a recipe for a car that’s not only big on performance, but also easy on the wallet when filling up.


Toyota Prius

#6 Toyota Prius | CarMax

Engine Type: Hybrid

MPG: 50 MPG mixed city/highway

Body Styles: Sedan, Coupe

Toyota loudly proclaims that 95% of all Prius models they’ve sold since 2005 are still being driven today, and they’re right. It’s a testament to the impact the Prius has made on the automotive world. While it’ll never win an award in the “fun to drive” category, its value as a practical, eco-friendly vehicle is hard to beat. It’s a small car that can comfortably carry 5 passengers and their luggage. Depending on the year you choose, it has between 22-25 cubic feet of trunk space, which can be doubled with the back seats folded down. And if you find 50 MPG isn’t quite high enough, Toyota will soon be selling a model called the Prius Eco, which claims mileage as high as 58 MPG in city driving.


Honda Accord

#5 Honda Accord | CarMax

Engine Type: Gas, Hybrid

MPG: Up to 31 MPG mixed city/highway for gasoline, up to 48 MPG for hybrid

Body Styles: Sedan, Coupe

The Honda Accord is one of Honda’s best-selling cars, and for good reason. No matter which type of Accord you choose, you’ll get a car with great gas mileage and plenty of features and luxury options. The hybrid version of the Accord gets as much as 48 MPG, which should satisfy even the pickiest eco-minded consumer. It’s also got plenty of room in both the front and backseats, so you’ll never have to worry about anyone getting cramped. And with almost 22 cubic feet of trunk space, you can fill it with groceries, luggage, strollers, and more.


Toyota Corolla

#4 Toyota Corolla | CarMax

Engine Type: Gas

MPG: Up to 34 MPG mixed city/highway

Body Styles: Sedan

The Toyota Corolla has a reputation for being a rock-solid, basic people-mover. Designed for practicality, most trim levels will comfortably get up to 32 MPG in mixed driving, even while seating 5 people. A few trim levels, like the ECO, can get even better MPG—as much as 35 MPG in mixed driving. Extra legroom in the back and a smooth ride means all but the tallest adults will be comfortable. Even though it’s not the most exciting car to drive, the Corolla is a comfortable car with great gas mileage at a competitive price, and comes with 40 years of Toyota dependability behind it.


Nissan Altima

#3 Nissan Altima | CarMax

Engine Type: Gas

MPG: Up to 34 MPG mixed city/highway

Body Styles: Sedan

Nissan’s growing reputation for sporty cars is evident in the Altima. Considered just a generic sedan when first released, recent years have seen it become a sports-minded, fuel-efficient people hauler. While all trim levels get great gas mileage, there are several options to choose from, elevating “sporty” to “sportier.” Bigger than the Hyundai Elantra and Honda Civic, the Altima is a roomier mid-size sedan, and is a great option for families looking for fuel efficiency.


Hyundai Elantra

#2 Hyundai Elantra | CarMax

Engine Type: Gas, Hybrid

MPG: Up to 36 MPG mixed city/highway

Body Styles: Sedan

Originally introduced as a basic economy sedan, the Elantra has recently emerged as a popular choice for budget and fuel-efficiency-minded consumers. While it may not be as fun to drive as some Honda Civic models, it makes up for it in other ways. For example, one of its newer trim options, the Elantra Eco, is rated at 32 MPG city and an amazing 40 MPG highway. In addition to the great gas mileage, it offers a roomy trunk and comfortable ride, all in a very affordable package.


Honda Civic

#1 Honda Civic | CarMax

Engine Type: Gas, Hybrid

MPG: Up to 35 MPG mixed city/highway for gasoline, 40-50% higher in the hybrid engine

Body Styles: Coupe, Sedan, Hatchback

The Honda Civic has long been known as a practical car that’s also fun to drive. And just as importantly, it also gets great gas mileage whether you choose the gas engine or the hybrid engine. It doesn’t sacrifice comfort either, with lots of convenience features. Newer models come standard with rear-view cameras and Bluetooth connectivity, and older models still include many popular features. Whether you’re looking for a comfortable commuter car or a first car for a money-strapped teenager, there’s a Honda Civic for almost every style.

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