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2020 Tesla Model 3

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2020 Tesla Model 3

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  • Class-leading range and performance
  • Tesla's impressive Supercharger network for long-distance driving


  • Large touchscreen can be distracting to use on the move
  • Some quality issues reported in relation to build

Mileage (EPA estimate)

148 city, 132 highway, 141 combined

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2020 Tesla Model 3 keeps going strong with performance and tech

Tesla has always done things its own way, and that's true even with its big-selling Model 3. Rolling updates are increasingly the norm, with the company enabling new features and upgrading existing cars via wireless updates, much like you'd do with your smartphone. Even so, the Model 3 can be bought in a number of configurations, with buyers able to balance their needs for price, driving range, or performance. There are three primary trim options: the rear-wheel-drive Standard Range Plus and the Long Range and Performance models, which both have dual-motor all-wheel drive. The Standard Range Plus is quoted at 250 miles, and the Long Range ups that to 322 miles of range.

The Performance model has a more focused suspension and bigger brakes, and it drops a bit of range in return for greater performance. But all Model 3s feel brisk, thanks to the immediate power delivery. The Model 3 handles well, too, and you'll find it's fun to drive any of the trim choices. All come well equipped, especially tech-wise, and Tesla's Autopilot system—a clever adaptive cruise control—helps relieve some of the monotony of freeway driving. Spacious and comfortable, the Model 3 is an impressive all-around choice, which continues not only to impress but to get better as Tesla refines it.

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