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Best SUVs with 3 Rows Under $25K | CarMax

SUVs—especially 3-row SUVs—are supremely practical. They're easily configurable to accommodate small and large numbers of passengers, and the amount of technology in each one on our list is astounding. Whether you want a large SUV for shuttling kids, carrying clients or colleagues, or heading off-road for a camping trip, you are just a step away from having everything you want.

Take a look at our updated list of the 10 Best SUVs with 3 Rows under $25,000, based on CarMax vehicle and sales data from May 1, 2020, through October 31, 2020.1 Please note that certain model years and upper trim configurations may bring the prices of some of these vehicles over $25,000.

  1. Nissan Pathfinder
    Best SUVs with 3 Rows under 25K: Nissan Pathfinder | CarMax
  2. Kia Sorento
    Best SUVs with 3 Rows under 25K: Kia Sorento | CarMax
  3. Dodge Journey
    Best SUVs with 3 Rows under 25K: Dodge Journey | CarMax
  4. Honda Pilot
    Best Ranked SUVs with 3 Rows Under $25,000: Honda Pilot | CarMax
  5. Chevrolet Traverse
    Best SUVs with 3 Rows Under 25K Ranked: Chevrolet Traverse | CarMax
  6. Mitsubishi Outlander
    Best SUVs with 3 Rows under 25K: Mitsubishi Outlander | CarMax
  7. Buick Enclave
    Best SUVs with 3 Rows under 25K: Buick Enclave | CarMax
  8. Mazda CX-9
    Best Ranked SUVs with 3 Rows Under $25,000: Mazda CX-9 | CarMax
  9. Hyundai Santa Fe
    Best Ranked SUVs with 3 Rows Under $25,000: Hyundai Santa Fe | CarMax
  10. Ford Flex
    Best SUVs with 3 Rows under 25K: Ford Flex | CarMax

Three-row SUVs offer a number of benefits, including more room for passengers and more cu-ft of space than two-row models. Many of them offer captain's chairs and an adaptable cargo floor, making it easier for you to load people, groceries, sporting gear, and more.

At the top of our list is the spunky Nissan Pathfinder, which experienced a major makeover in 2017. This versatile SUV is a star off the beaten path and shines as an urban hauler. And when properly equipped, the 2017 Pathfinder impresses with an estimated 6,000-lbs tow rating with its standard 3.5L V6 powertrain.2

Another list-maker is Kia's smooth Sorento – a stylish and smart three-row SUV in a compact package. For model years 2017–2019, the Sorento has two engine options: a 185-hp, 2.4L four-cylinder or a more-powerful 290-hp 3.3L V6.

Or consider the Dodge Journey – quintessentially appealing for its streamlined styling and two engine options for model years 2017–2019. The 2017–2019 Honda Pilot is also a great choice if you need a vehicle to carry extra passengers that features a comfortable entry and exit height.

Do you have a new driver in the house? Chevrolet has included the Teen Driver system in the Traverse since 2018, which gives you the option to track your teen's driving, set limits on audio volume, receive notifications in case of an accident, and more. Or if you're looking for an SUV with a supremely quiet interior and elegant style, the Buick Enclave may be more your speed.

Mazda offers a spacious and beautiful option in the 2017–2019 CX-9, with 71.2 cu-ft of cargo space with all the seats folded and a flat cargo floor that makes it easy to load. Take a look at the Hyundai Santa Fe as well. It's a three-row superstar for model years 2013–2018, and was transformed into a two-row SUV for 2019.

If you're ready to find an SUV with three rows that works best for you, this list is a great place to start. The sooner you add a 3-row SUV to your driveway, the sooner you can head out for new adventures, whether they be on the trail or to the mall.

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1Based on average prices on carmax.com from May 1, 2020 through October 31, 2020. Actual prices may vary based on your selected model year, features and trim packages. Prices do not include taxes, tags, titles, and any applicable fees.
2Various factors may impact towing capacity, including weight of passengers, cargo, and options/accessories.
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