Audi Allroad Reviews

4.1 out of 5 (7 reviews)

Very Nice Car

Has a hatch for easier access to trunk. Little wind/road noise on the highway. More storage than the sedan.


  • Cabin Noise: Quiet at speeds above 60mph
  • Ride and Handling: Feels very stable at high speeds over 65mph. You always feel in control of the car. Handling is not too shabby either.
  • Technology and Entertainment: MMI is a little much at first. But you get used to the controls and layout over time. Note you turn counter clockwise to scroll down. And clockwise to scroll up.


  • Cost to Maintain: So far, oil consumption is not too bad. About a quart every 1300 miles. Which is considered industry standard. Other than engine oil consumption, be wary of transmission fluid change after 70k miles. And differential fluid changes which should be done around same time as the transmission. But this car is not too complicated.
  • Power: Be wary, this car has enough grunt for city driving and is decent off the line. But there isn’t a crazy amount of lower when trying to overtake at highway speed. Test drive and set expectations correctly.
  • Reliability: Still a stigma with German cars. But be wary of door lock actuators failing like in the fuel door or other doors. The fluid changes are kind of expensive but once done around 80k they shouldn’t bother you for a while. Make sure around 90k-100k to have the water pump and timing chain/timing chain guides/ tensioners looked at for issues/replacement. Other than that, car is still really good at 80k

Great all around alternative to an SUV

amazing car. fast, beautiful interior, digital cockpit, gets good gas mileage and has good storage in back.


  • Ride and Handling
  • Power
  • Styling


  • Cost to Maintain

Does it all and very amazing technology

For the money you would be hard pressed to get all the features the allroad includes in the prestige package


  • Dashboard: Cockpit display
  • Weather Versatility: Allroad nuff said
  • Fuel Economy: Most highway excisions pull well over epa ratings roughly 450-500 per tank


  • Visibility: Good visibility however parking assistance saved me a few ties
  • Braking: Stops too quickly very effective
  • Cabin Noise: Double pain glass in the front windows keeps it quiet until you open the front windows you will want to open all the windows to cut back on the blow back from cabin

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